March 01, 2017 at Universal Sole Running Store in Chicago.


Ok Folks! The Fun Run with beer that depends on what YOU ALL bring to share with your fellow runner & beer enthusiasts!

Come on out out for nice easy fun run from USOLE! We will change this up thought. Going to do a 4 Mile Loop for this one (one run for all!)! Then folks will come back to USOLE, and share all the great beer that was brought by all! Light snacks will be provided (pretezels, etc).

The lowdown! Come ready to run @ 6:30pm from USOLE Lakeview, 3.1-4 Miles. Bring one bottle of beer with you that you would like to share with everyone else! Come back, grab a brew and try a brew! It will be a giant fun run bottle share from Universal Sole Lakeview! Come one! Come All!

Address: 3052 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago
USOLE Bottle Share Fun Runs

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