December 17, 2016 at Burlington Bar in Chicago.



Crafted with the elegance and grace of Guy Fieri writing a futuristic robot sequel to “Les Miserables,” The Trolls have arrived. Ham-fisted Chicago garage rock born out of boredom, blood and basements.


BStar is the musical collaboration between Setu Vora and Sean McGivern. Based out of Iowa City, the two piece instrumental group explores the sonic hell-scape of post-industrialized Phobos in the year 2101. Often mis-categorized as post-rock or math-rock, BStar really just wants to make it difficult for people to lazily nod their heads while listening.


Planetsexploder plays the good times rock n roll the way it was meant to be played: poorly and loud! Buncha dads just gettin loose. We don’t play often, but when we do, we’re sure to goof it up.

Address: 3425 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago
The Trolls / BStar / Planetsexploder

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