Yomosa Social

November 19, 2016 at Bronzeville Lofts in Chicago.


YOMOSA SOCIAL is your stress free gathering to learn and participate in the benefits of Tri Soul YOga (just a fancy name for stretching when all is said and done) while enjoying miMOSAs (who doesn’t relax after a mimosa).
Come experience Tri Soul Yoga “Lazy Style” which means on the floor to keep it safe and so you can focus on how to truly relax, take that deep breath and totally exhale mind body and soul.
Learn to shift this practice into a meditative tool to help you recognize your daily stressors, calmly and rationally navigate stressful thoughts and situations while restoring flexibility which is more important than being strong as we get older…

Location: exact address given upon payment but around 26th & Michigan

Cost: $25 in advance NO DOOR SALES

light refreshments will be provided w/ your Mimosas

Address: 50 E 26th, Chicago
Yomosa Social

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November Reiki Social at Sat Nam Yoga

November 14, 2016 at Sat Nam Yoga Chicago in Chicago.


Come and experience the Reiki energy through meditation and hands-on Reiki sessions!

Open to everyone, those Reiki attuned and Reiki curious!

This monthly event is to help foster an environment in which people can learn, practice and discuss the beautiful art of Reiki energy balancing in a supportive, non-judgmental space. A perfect opportunity for those wishing to hone, refine and develop their current skills and practices.

We’ll share experiences with one another. Meet fellow Reiki attunees and others who share knowledge and passion for health, self healing and well-being.

• Learn about what Reiki is.
• Practice your Reiki skills– giving and receiving healing.
• Builds confidence in your healing abilities.
• Share techniques and experience.
• Discover new therapeutic methods and procedures.
Reiki Meditations to help anchor the energy.

Discuss Reiki, meditate in a group.
Reiki Attunes take their skills for a test drive! We welcome anyone who wants to experience or is any at all curious about the benefits of Reiki.

For both healers and receivers is $10, free for monthly members
There is no additional fee required to receive healing.
Please arrive a few minutes early, late arrivals will still be allowed in, but keep in mind that if we’re already meditating, it’s disruptive to the group.

Address: 1304 W Washington Blvd, Chicago
November Reiki Social at Sat Nam Yoga

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Eb & Flow Yoga Fundraiser

November 17, 2016 at Eb & flow Yoga Studio in Chicago.


The Franciscan Outreach Young Professionals Board is partnering again with Eb & Flow Yoga Studio in Wicker Park to present an evening of yoga, delicious refreshments and an exciting raffle.

Registration is just $20 and all proceeds will go to support the guests and programs of Franciscan Outreach.

Address: 1834 W North Ave, Chicago
Eb & Flow Yoga Fundraiser

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The Yoga of Sleep and Dreams with Stasia Holmes

January 21, 2017 at Room to Breathe Chicago in Chicago.


Explore sleeping, dreaming, and other semi-conscious states through a yogic perspective. Opening lecture details sleep stages and cycles, Western sleep and dream theories, and yogic philosophies. Learn Ayurvedic techniques for arranging your sleep space and preparing for bed. Practice grounding asana, pranayama, and meditation to relieve insomnia and promote restful sleep.

60-minute lecture, 90-minute gentle yoga practice, guided relaxation, and tea reception.

Cost: $39

Address: 25 E Washington, Suite 1025a, Chicago
The Yoga of Sleep and Dreams with Stasia Holmes

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Power Yin Yoga – National Philanthropy Day

November 15, 2016 at Titan Gym – Krav Maga, Martial Arts, Fitness, Yoga in Chicago.


In its purest form – seva, or selfless service – it is an act of kindness and generosity that neither demands, nor expects, reciprocation. In the spirit of philanthropy and community, we encourage you to find new ways to put philanthropy — the love of humankind — into action and take a moment to acknowledge the accomplishments that have made a difference, large and small, in our society.
This is Titan Gym’s way to come together to give something more. Use #GivingTuesday and #unselfie to inspire others with your actions of giving rather than receiving this holiday season. Join of for one hour on Tuesday, November 15 as we unwind and embrace the spirit of giving this holiday season.
FREE to non-members. No equipment required. Wear comfortable athletic gear, bring a bottle of water, and a small hand towel.

Address: 2256 West Belmont Avenue, Chicago
Power Yin Yoga - National Philanthropy Day

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Pretty Pit Yoga Skill Share w/ Christine Adele

October 25, 2016 at Pretty Pit in Chicago.


We are back!!! Welcoming in the beautiful fall weather we are holding our first ever yoga skill share for women/trans/femmes and fem-identifying individuals with the incomparable Christine Adele!!! Come learn in the comfort of a non-judgemental and pressure free enviroment how to start your own yoga practice or work on one you’ve already begun. Bring a mat or just yourself and we will help with all the rest.

Address: 123 ASK AN ART ROCKER, Chicago
Pretty Pit Yoga Skill Share w/ Christine Adele

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Smudging ceremony

December 03, 2016 at yogaview in Chicago.


Join us for an evening of yoga, drumming, free form movement, and ritual.

As we approach the holiday season, we enter a time of abundance and celebration. However, it can also feel taxing as we often times feel pulled in many directions. This evening provides a time to connect to simplicity as we move our bodies in a fluid and grounded way that frees up energy. We will partake in a smudging ceremony which invites elements of cleansing into our mind, body and psyche. This ceremony is used by Native Americans and other indigenous people with the purity of the elements: air, water, earth, and fire. We will set an intention that we intend to carry with us through the month ahead.

Address: 2211 N Elston Ave, Ste 200, Chicago
Smudging ceremony

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Relaxing Takes Practice, Chair Series and a Restorative Yoga Int

December 02, 2016 at Moksha Yoga in Chicago.


Join Leann Carey for a her series Chair Yoga workshops focusing on Strength & Stretch, Space & Silence, as well as a weekend of other restorative practices, including relaxation and a restorative yoga intensive!

Address: 700 N Carpenter St, Chicago
Relaxing Takes Practice, Chair Series and a Restorative Yoga Int

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Yoga and Mimosas with Shaina

September 11, 2016 at Lole Active Wear in Chicago.


A practice anchored in traditional vinyasa flow and hot yoga methods, which emphasizes alignment and graceful transition into poses that fit with the way you function. Embracing this approach encourages flexibility of the mind and renewed core strength to help you exude confidence on and off of your mat. You will also enjoy meditation and relaxation tips and Thai massage adjustments while building on your own strength and durability.

Address: 3434 N Southport Ave, Chicago
Yoga and Mimosas with Shaina

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