Fool House at Hard Rock Cafe

July 09, 2016 at Hard Rock Cafe Chicago in Chicago.



Fool House is bringing the ’90s to Chicago! Make sure you wear your best track suits and fanny packs!

We’ll be playing all of the bangerzzzz from NSYNC, Blink 182, Britney Spears, all the way to Ricky Martin 😉

Hope you’re ready to party!!!

Address: 63 W Ontario St, Chicago
Fool House at Hard Rock Cafe

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Vintage Blonde in Concert

May 21, 2016 at Shakers On Clark in Chicago.


Winter is finally over and it’s time to party with Vintage Blonde. There’s no better way to kick off the summer of 2016. We will be at one of our favorite venues, Shakers on Clark, Saturday May 21st with all your favorite classic rock songs. Shakers is a great bar and they have been so good to us. We appreciate you supporting them and, of course, we can’t wait to see you all.

Address: 3160 N Clark St, Chicago
Vintage Blonde in Concert

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A Phish After Party With EGI & Guest

June 25, 2016 at Lincoln Hall + Schubas in Chicago.


Schubas | Sat., Jun. 25 | 10:30PM | 21+ | $10 ADV / $12 DOOR

Harmonica Dunn Presents:
A Phish After Party With EGi.

Progressive and fresh, EGi pushes the boundaries of genre specifics to create a soundscape reflecting the freedom that gives purpose to the acronym’s definition: Ethereal Groove, Incorporated. With a sound that has been described as, “what it would feel like to live in The Never Ending Story”, the band’s versatility and appreciation for many genres of music can be heard in their fusion of rock, funk, instrumental post-rock and hard, progressive rock. Starting from tightly arranged structures, EGi builds improvisational passages and high energy jams that seek to lift the band and audience to a higher plane.

Hailing from the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, EGi’s fanbase has grown to encompass the Midwest region as a whole, and they have begun making regular forays into Colorado, while beginning to open up parts of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. With dual guitars, bass, drums and percussion, the quintet’s “brothers in arms” dynamic works seamlessly on and off the stage.

EGi is:
Noe Perez- guitar
James Hernandez- guitar
Allan Borukhovich- bass
Devon Bates- drums
Michael “Gonzo” Gonzalez- percussion

A Phish After Party With EGI & Guest

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Freaky Friday the 13th Ft. Rio and the Rockabiliy Revival

May 13, 2016 at Red Line Tap in Chicago.


Rockabiliy / Psycobiliy / Neo Rockabilly

Wash away your triskaidekaphobia with some rockin chicks. We got Rio and the Rockabiliy Revival, Babra Clifford and the Shakin Tailfeathers, with last but not least the Melomaniacs to sooth your supersitious and vicious woahs.

Drs 8pm / $7 adv or $10 at the door / Music at 9pm

Rio and the Rockabiliy Revival:

Barbra Clifford:


Address: 7006 N Glenwood Ave, Chicago
Freaky Friday the 13th Ft. Rio and the Rockabiliy Revival

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Jim Becker + Joe Adamik

May 02, 2016 at Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago.


Chicago based musician and composer Jim Becker performs solo as well as duo with drummer and composer Joe Adamik.

Jim Becker is a Chicago based musician, producer, and sound engineer who has played around town and around the world since the 1980s. Jim has worked recording and engineering his own music and that of numerous other musicians. He has recorded and collaborated with a long list of rock, folk, experimental, and old time bands. Jim tours the US and Europe extensively, most recently with Califone and Iron and Wine.

Jim plays guitar, banjo, filddle, mandolin, and is known for his original improvisation and use of effects. He draws from a wide range of inspirations, from classic rock to Appalachian old time music which he has played, studied, and taught since 1993.

In addition to recording with bands, Jim has done a variety of soundtrack work, for both film and television.

Joe Adamik is a versatile multi– instrumentalist and composer residing in Chicago,Il. Perhaps best known for his drumming duties in groups including Iron and Wine and the experimental rock band Califone, Mr Adamik has appliedt his unique talents into a wide array of contexts including: jazz and improvised music ensembles, 20th century composition, experimental folk and rock groupings. Along with the drum set, Joe also performs and composes for marimba, vibraphone, electronics, analog sampling, bass clarinet, clarinet, alto saxophone, guitar, piano, and organ.

OPTION is sponsored by Sketchbook Brewing Co.

Address: 5925 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago
Jim Becker + Joe Adamik

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L.A. Witch / Sugar Candy Mountain / Levitation Room

May 09, 2016 at The Empty Bottle in Chicago.


9pm // $10 // 21+

Sugar Candy Mountain //
Levitation Room //

Hope you’re ready for a psyched-out, punk rock evening, because god dammit we got one for you! Los Angeles trio L.A. WITCH has been known to conjure up the demons in pop. Although the band is only a few years old, one root stretches into the sounds of ‘60s garage musicians like THE PLEASURE SEEKERS and SONICS while the other digs around in DEAD MOON and THE BREEDERS. Self described as “reverb-soaked punked out rock”, L.A. WITCH’s most recent release Drive Your Car is a killer. With their lo-fi style in vocals and thrashing sounds from the instruments, L.A. WITCH created a mix of rock, blues and psychedelic for a haunting sound all their own. SUGAR CANDY MOUNTAIN is an Oakland-based psychedelic rock band comprised of Ash Reiter, Will Halsey, Michael Fortes, Thomas Elder, and Bryant Denison. Described as “If BRIAN WILSON had dropped acid on the beach in Brazil and decided to record an album with OS MUTANTES and THE FLAMING LIPS, it would sound like [SUGAR CANDY MOUNTAIN], a psychedelic pop Wall-of Sound and beach balladry.” Like looking through a kaleidoscope, this reverb-soaked psych music is ever changing and shows off the many styles this band can portray, while still maintaining its rock backbone. Openign this evening is LEVITATION ROOM, with their decidedly hallucinogenic jams that whisper and hum the same gentle refrains of their summer of love influences. Their sounds conjure up the cognitive imagery of sunny days at the park, spent with friends in a euphoric haze along with lyrics ad sonic mediations on life, love and self-awareness. Whoa baby – what a night this shall be.

Address: 1035 N Western Ave, Chicago
L.A. Witch / Sugar Candy Mountain / Levitation Room

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June 13, 2016 at The California Clipper in Chicago.


One Set, FREE.

Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart both emerged out of Chicago’s flourishing free improvisational and garage rock scene over the last few years, each bringing their own twist to the genres in their separate careers. Cunningham gained notice for her solo performances, often accompanied by a piano or acoustic guitar, while Stewart has centered her time around her band, Marrow.
When Cunningham and Stewart merged forces in 2014, it was an experiment in seeing how their voice and guitars would interact. At its core, Homme is about experimentation and exploration. The project was born out of a desire to write and create with instruments that they were not as familiar with. Homme were drawn to guitar because of the different sonic possibilities it gave them, from gritty garage rock, to percussive slaps, all the way to delicate fingerpicking. The technical difficulties experienced on the instrument only pushed them into more out of the box arrangements and songwriting techniques. In addition to guitar, they played all of the other instruments on their self-titled debut EP. The record is a culmination of those experiments in instrumentation and composition.

Address: 1002 N California Ave, Chicago

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Wave Goodbye / New Oceans / Waste

May 01, 2016 at Quenchers Saloon in Chicago.



Wave Goodbye is a three piece band. All members of the band were born and raised in Chicago, IL. Although Jonathan (drummer) and Ivi (guitar & vocals) have been in bands prior to wave goodbye, it wasn’t until Jorge joined, that the band was created. Since early 2014 wave goodbye has been playing through Chicago surrounding areas. With a mixture of soft rock, punk rock, reggae and metal, they have been placing their stamp in the Chicago music scene.


New Oceans fights clinical boredom with noise-heavy depression rock.


WASTE started up in 2014 as a two piece act with the desire to play old school influenced original rock. with influences the likes of the Ramones ,70’s hard rock and glam, the Germs and the Stooges. Since then they have been playing in Chicago and the mid west spewing their brand of trashy garage rock to the new generation. founding members are Ray James ( the Baby Shakers, Stoned Walls, Long John Thomas and The Duffs, the Neanderthals and Tomorrows Caveman). Brandon Miller (Shadow Casket,Memories Black, American Griff). Dale Meiners ( Wesley Willis, Spring’as Sonic Droogies aka SSD). Catch WASTE if you Can!

Address: 2401 N Western Ave, Chicago
Wave Goodbye / New Oceans / Waste

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Faade / Huntsmen / Corral

May 27, 2016 at Quenchers Saloon in Chicago.



Faade is a Chicago-based four piece instrumental group.


They might sound like your average post-rock band at first but hints of heavy metal, prog rock, and even some blues find their way into the mix. This is of course before they crumble into noisy, stoner-metal breakdowns that leave you wondering what this sorcery was that you just witnessed.” -Midwest Action, March 2014


We are a band from Chicago.

Address: 2401 N Western Ave, Chicago
Faade / Huntsmen / Corral

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