Emanuel Congregation Holiday Market

November 13, 2016 at Emanuel Congregation in Chicago.


Socially responsible trade annual market for locally crafted and fair trade goods…one-of-a-kind jewelry, handbags, kids items, soaps, textiles, home goods, photography, pet items and paper goods…something for everyone! Raffles throughout the day.

Address: 5959 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago
Emanuel Congregation Holiday Market

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Today Is History Opening Reception

November 04, 2016 at Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago.


Today Is History: Kate Breakey, Dan Estabrook & Jerry Spagnoli
November 4 – December 31, 2016
Opening Reception: November 4, 5:00-7:30pm

We are excited to present three photographers in Today is History, which examines the use of early photographic techniques among today’s practitioners. Work by Kate Breakey, Dan Estabrook and Jerry Spagnoli will be featured.

First it was questioned as art. Then painters used it as a tool. Decades later it was still defending itself as a viable art form. And now, more than 175 years after its inception, photography is an exalted medium, embraced by galleries, collectors and museums worldwide. While photographers engage with new technologies and new means of presentation, many artists working today still incorporate historical techniques in their work. Today is History brings together three artists who work with 19th / 20th c. processes to talk about present day concerns.

Kate Breakey (B. 1957 Adelaide, South Australia) is best known for her large-scale photographic work with birds and flowers that she painstakingly brings back to life with colored pencils. These pieces can be seen in two monographs, Small Deaths (2001) and Flowers/Birds (2003). In 2014, Breakey turned her focus to the land, and the small details of everyday life: a hummingbird resting on a tree limb, a wilting tulip, figs on a counter, the moon setting over the mountain, trees swaying in the evening dusk. Produced as Orotones (prints made on glass and backed with 23k gold leaf) Breakey creates small objects that command our attention, using an early technique to comment on the beauty, fragility and simplicity of her daily surroundings.

For more than 30 years, Dan Estabrook’s (b. 1969 Boston, MA) work has been at the intersection of yesterday and today. Working with salt prints, calotypes, ambrotypes, and tintypes, Estabrook creates art that echoes his life, loves, desires and fears. Like many practitioners before him, he turns the camera on himself to make contemporary works inspired by the gap between today’s photographic perfection and the past’s technical limitations. As he states: “Using 19th-century techniques and celebrating their flaws and failures, I make seemingly anonymous photographs in order to re-imagine a more personal and dream-like history of photography, seen from a 21st-century perspective. With these processes, I can create my own ‘found photos’ – highly personal objects in which to hide my own secrets and stories.”

Jerry Spagnoli (b. 1956 New York City, NY) is credited as today’s preeminent photographer working with the daguerreotype, a polished copper plate treated with mercury vapor. Using this material, Spagnoli has photographed significant historical events, including the horrors of the World Trade Center and the beauty of Times Square on the eve of the Millennium. In his 2012 series, Glasses, Spagnoli tackles the reflective quality of everyday water glasses. As he states, “Ultimately my use of various materials and methods is centered in my desire to make complicated stories out of the everyday world, which is my apparent subject matter. Photography allows me to engage viewers with images and ideas which are filtered through the abstracting apparatus of the camera and woven into the matrix of its rich history.”

For more information and to see all the work in the exhibition, visit www.edelmangallery.com.
All events are free and open to the public.

Address: 300 W Superior St, Chicago
Today Is History Opening Reception

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Dee Snider meet & great/ album signing

October 28, 2016 at Reckless Records in Chicago.


Heavy metal icon Dee Snider will be stopping by our Broadway location for a meet & greet & signing on Friday October 28th at 5PM. Purchase of his new CD “We Are The Ones” will be required for the signing & Dee will also sign 3 additional items. Photography will be permiitted.

Address: Lakeview, Wicker Park & The Loop!, Chicago
Dee Snider meet & great/ album signing

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As Is with Dogs At Large, Close Kept & Nomar at Downstairs

November 02, 2016 at Downstairs in Chicago.


KickstandProductions presents…

As Is – https://asisband.bandcamp.com/
Dogs At Large – https://dogsatlarge.bandcamp.com/
Close Kept – https://closekept.bandcamp.com/
Nomar – http://nomarchicago.bandcamp.com/

Cover photo by Yvone Jane Photography

BUY TICKETS: http://ticketf.ly/2eoyCLD

Address: 2011 W North Ave, Chicago
As Is with Dogs At Large, Close Kept & Nomar at Downstairs

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Ensueño – A Photographic Exhibit

October 22, 2016 at Mestiza Shop in Chicago.


Mestiza Presents
A Photographic Exhibit

Kick off the Fall + Art season with our new photography exhibition, “ENSUEÑO” or “DAYDREAM”! Free admission for this ONE DAY ONLY show.

Saturday, October 22, 2016 from 1:00pm-8:00pm
Location: Mestiza Shop – 1808 S. Blue Island Ave. Chicago. (Use entrance next to Giordano’s on 18th Street)

We will be featuring works by local artists:

About “ENSUEÑO”:
This group show brings photography works of fine and decorative art that seek to draw a connection between the present and past. The artists experiment with forms of expression that blur the lines of reality and a dream state. Drawing from their life experience, they have conceived their individual images as a reflection of the lightheartedness, unbelievable, and more serious moments of an individual’s journey. The images question what it means to be multicultural, transient, and how the need for expression finds a way for the development of art. This group exhibit brings to light the resilience of Latinos, constantly adjusting to new environments, as well as the emotions brought by the severed and interlocked ties to one’s roots.

Address: 1808 S Blue Island Ave, Ste 204, Chicago
Ensueño - A Photographic Exhibit

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Gather | Millennium Park Art Walk

October 15, 2016 at Chicago Cultural Center in Chicago.


With busy lives and hectic schedules we forget to stop and take a look at the beautiful city we call home. Come spend some time with us and Margaret Hicks, owner and sole tour guide of Chicago Elevated, one of the cities top ranked sightseeing tours. Together we want to create a unique and exiting way to slow down, soak in and experience Chicago. We hope you join us.

Who is this for?
Our tour is a unique way to get creative juices flowing. It’s open to anyone that wants to learn a little bit more about the city they live in, meet new people, make things by hand, experience something different, enjoy the outdoors, and the list goes on.

Where are we going?
On our first collaborative tour we will be walking through Millennium Park and discovering the various “rooms” scattered through out. Let’s meet at the Chicago Cultural Center (Washington Street Lobby) and move on from there.

What are we doing?
As we jump from room to room Margaret will share some facts and history so that we can learn a little about each stop. We will have quick 15 minute sessions at each location to get inspired, sketch, write, photograph, etc. Bring your go to form of making or experiment with something new. At the end of each session we will share our art with each other and see what we’ve made.

What should I bring?
-Your choice of creative materials-we are open to anything
(just remember we have 15 mins at each spot)
-Proper apparel to float around the park
-A positive attitude and open mind

What will be provided?
-Thank you gift

Pleaset follow the link up above and register for a spot! We can’t wait to see you.

Address: 78 E Washington St, Chicago
Gather | Millennium Park Art Walk

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Graphic Relief Opening Reception

October 13, 2016 at The Awakenings Foundation in Chicago.


Cat-calling. Bullying. Verbal abuse. As oral and digital communication accelerates, proliferates, and degenerates, where do you find relief?

The Awakenings Foundation is answering this question with its new art exhibition, “Graphic Relief,” curated by Gallery Manager Liz Moretti, opening on October 13 at the Awakenings Foundation Gallery at 4001 N. Ravenswood Avenue in Chicago. Local artists are being joined by international artists from Germany, Poland, France, and the UK in submitting art that addresses street harassment in comic book, graphic novel, and zine format.

The seed for this exhibition came from a graphic art piece titled “Trigger Warning, Breakfast,” which caught the attention of Moretti on Facebook over a year ago. Attempts to locate and contact the artist were unsuccessful, but Awakenings was so intrigued by her work that they began planning “Graphic Relief” as a way to contact other artists and curate material for an exhibit that addresses the street harassment epidemic.

Featuring desserts by Sweet Sensations Pastry!
Featuring photography by Jacob Barbot!

Address: 4001 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago
Graphic Relief Opening Reception

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A Thin Line: Opening Reception

October 14, 2016 at Studio Oh in Chicago.


Studio Oh! is presenting a group showing around the theme of gender fluidity.

Who am I? The question remains the same, but the answer changes throughout your life. Your role, your position, your partners, friends, body, skin, mind, even sexuality. Most of these changes won’t noticeably interfere with your day to day life, but issues around one’s sexuality have always been more sensitive. It is usually a more private matter, and to visually share your gender blurring views challenges your environment. For some, this is a choice, for others, a necessity.

Traditional views of gender and sexuality are less pushed upon the new generation and it opens doors to more freely experiment with identity. For a majority, it remains challenging to adapt to this changing visual expression of our inner selves.

Participating artists
Paintings by: Teresa Hofheimer and Harmonia Rosales
Photography by: Lisa Stefaniak, Quinn Wharton, Adam Lofbomm
Sculptural work by: Dobrila Pintar and Erwin Overes

Address: 1837 S Halsted St, Chicago
A Thin Line: Opening Reception

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Meditations | Photography by Gail Kaplan

October 14, 2016 at Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago.


Photography by Gail Kaplan
October 14-November 13
Opening Reception (Second Floor)
October 14, 6-8 pm

Kaplan’s work is represented by the selection of images that make up a series of photographs entitled Meditations.” This exhibition’s concept was generated by the private thoughts and feelings one has while observing a landscape scene privately. In this series, the viewer is challenged to consider the idea that what is being seen may be what the viewer thinks is there. Kaplan states “perhaps everything we experience is in part influenced by not only what actually exists but by our physical ability to experience it and our state of mind at the time.”

Address: 4401 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago
Meditations | Photography by Gail Kaplan

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