The Rugby Party

November 04, 2016 at Reggies in Chicago.


The Rugby Party at Reggies will be the place to be during the Rugby Weekend before and after each match.
Great Music featuring some of Chicago‘s most talented muscians.
Reggies award winning wings will be part of All you can eat Buffet
Social Events for all! Get your teams signed up leaving comment on event page.
Wing Eating Contest
Arm Wrestling
Boat Races
Flippy Cup
Team Rock Band Karaoke Contest

Address: 2105 S State St, Chicago
The Rugby Party

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Rugby Match: Dragons vs. Battle Creek

April 09, 2016 at Diversey Harbor in Chicago.



It’s our next home match, against our friends the Battle Creek Griffons.

Where’s it at? We’re in the field behind the Diversey Driving Range, as you walk past the minigolf. (We’ve dropped a pin on the map at:

More details about our Third Half as we get closer to the date.

Address: 2601 North Cannon Drive, Chicago
Rugby Match: Dragons vs. Battle Creek

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Penn State Blue White Spring Game

April 16, 2016 at Durkin’s Tavern in Chicago.


If you are just as antsy for Penn State football to be back as us….then come on out for the Blue White Spring Game!

Date: Saturday, April 16th
Time: 2pm
We will be attempting to stream the game as it is not being televised live this year. There is a chance that we will not be able to get the game… but that doesn’t we can’t party like it’s a football Saturday!

Enjoy our Gameday specials :
$5 22oz Bud Ligh and Rolling Rock Drafts
$8 22oz Other Drafts and Bong Water Monkey Boys
$4 Fireball, Minderasers and Crown Apple Shots

**Meet and Greet with the our partners the PSU Chicago Alumni Association**

Address: 810 W Diversey Pkwy, Chicago
Penn State Blue White Spring Game

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Heartland Rugby Leadership Academy – Course Two

April 17, 2016 at University of Illinois at Chicago in Chicago.


Join us as we return with the second course of the Heartland Rugby Leadership Academy, this April in Chicago. This has been developed over the last few months and will be comprised of a new series of seminars focused on improving the skills of rugby leaders. We bring you a unique collaboration of Rugby Illinois, THG Financial Strategies, and CARFU, designed to enrich rugby organizations and their members. Participants will interact in a unique program which will draw from facilitator and community best practices, and review case studies. Marketing & Communication for the rugby organization will be explored in depth, participants will reflect on their individual goals, priorities, and needs, and small groups will share experiences.

Coaches, administrators, parents and players all have a role in leadership and our second of four seminars this year will help set the right foundations!

Each paid registrant will be emailed a code to invite a teammate to attend the course for free! Two-for-one!

Cost & Deadlines:

– $49 by 3/28
– $69 by 4/4
– $89 by 4/11

Address: 601 S Morgan St, Chicago
Heartland Rugby Leadership Academy - Course Two

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Second City Presents #SummerSkool

April 02, 2016 at The Second City in Chicago.


Class is in session! Go back to high school to re-live all of your greatest moments—from prom dates to football tryouts, emo phases to senior pranks. See your ‘awkward stage’ performed on an actual stage. Share your high school memories with us and we’ll turn them into a night full of hilarious improv for you!

Get tickets here for $13:

Join us Saturdays at 10pm, April 2nd, 9th, &16th in the de Maat Studio Theatre at Second City!

This cast features:
Brandon Sherman
Alexandra Shields
Marianne Lalonde
Jared Chapman
Miles Kopcke
Alex Cadice
Abigail Muldoon
Kenneth Cross

Address: 1616 N Wells St, Chicago
Second City Presents #SummerSkool

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Johnny Clegg with special guest Jesse Clegg – 4/14

April 14, 2016 at City Winery Chicago in Chicago.


Political strife can inspire great art, and Johnny Clegg’s internationally successful musical career represents that intersection of reality and creativity. The British-born, South African-raised Clegg has spent almost four decades writing and performing songs that reflect the topical and personal turmoil of life in his evolving homeland, pre- and post-apartheid.

There is a yearning quality to many of Clegg’s songs, declarations of love, frustration, hope and confusion that can be applied to South Africa’s slow path toward enlightenment, to personal and community relationships, to ever-changing life itself. The CD closes with a solemn but uplifting version of “Asimbonanga,” Clegg’s tribute to the late Nelson Mandela, himself a symbol of triumph over adversity and of the unquenchability of the human spirit.

Johnny Clegg is one of South Africa’s most celebrated sons. He is a singer, a songwriter, a dancer, anthropologist and a musical activist whose infectious crossover music, a vibrant blend of Western pop and African Zulu rhythms, has exploded onto the international scene and broken through all the barriers in his own country. In France, where he enjoys a massive following, he is fondly called Le Zulu Blanc – the white Zulu.

Johnny’s haunting refrain Impi (meaning “Zulu warriors” or “War”) regularly echoes within any South African Rugby stadium which, together with his song Great Heart from the movie Jock of The Bushveld and The Crossing (written for Dudu Ndlovu, his Zulu dance partner in the Savuka era), has achieved anthem status with crowds in his home country. Other notable hits penned by Johnny Clegg include, amongst others, I Call Your Name, Scatterlings of Africa, African Sky Blue, Take My Heart Away, African Shadow Man, December African Rain, Kilimanjaro, Fever and many more.

Address: 1200 W Randolph St, Chicago
Johnny Clegg with special guest Jesse Clegg - 4/14

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100 Days to Kickoff Party with the Chicago Dawgs

May 26, 2016 at Old Town Social in Chicago.


Join fellow Chicago Dawgs to celebrate there only being 100 days to football season kickoff! To keep things festive, we’ll be playing the 1980 Dawgs documentary and mingling with local bulldog fans and friends.

Old Town Social will provide FREE BEER for us for the first hour of the event – 6-7pm – so show up early! After that, we’ll have the normal gameday specials.

The private back area will be reserved for the Chicago Dawgs.

See you there!

Address: 455 W North Ave, Chicago
100 Days to Kickoff Party with the Chicago Dawgs

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Rugby Match: Dragons vs. Condors

March 19, 2016 at Diversey Driving Range in Chicago.



It’s the first match of the season at our home pitch, against our friends the Chicago Westside Condors Rugby Club. Let’s get some rookies out, let’s play some rugby, let’s roll on towards our Bingham trip.

Where’s it at? We’re in the field behind the Diversey Driving Range, as you walk past the minigolf. (We’ve dropped a pin on the map at:

As for some drinking afterwards…well, we’ve got something planned. But you’re gonna have to show up to see what we’ve put together. (Hint: it’s the weekend after St. Patrick’s Day.)

Address: 141 W Diversey Pkwy, Chicago
Rugby Match: Dragons vs. Condors

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March 17, 2016 at Heineken Pub 97 in Chicago.


OI YOU REDS! Everyone attending the UNITED v PUDDLE 2nd Leg will be automatically entered to WIN a pair of tickets to the Chicago Fire’s home game against Columbus Crewon the 19th – INCLUDING free transportation on the Pub to Pitch bus to Toyota Park! Head down to Heineken Pub 97 and be a winner!

ALSO – The pub is running some St. Pat’s specials so win or lose you can still have a great time – $4 Heineken pints, $15 Heineken pitchers, and $4 Jameson shots!

Address: 3626 N Talman Ave, Chicago

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Freddie Gibbs “Shadow of a Doubt” Tour

April 20, 2016 at Thalia Hall in Chicago.


$22 / $28 // 17+

Freddie Gibbs is a direct product of Gary, Indiana’s East Side. Born into a vacuum of poverty, Gibbs is an uncut distillation of his surroundings.

Freddie’s keen survivalist mentality and work ethic won him a scholarship to Ball State University for football, but he was dismissed over questionable allegations. Gibbs was cast back into the sink-or-swim realities of his upbringing, and he resorted to pimping and manufacturing freebase to keep the lights on. A humble critic, Freddie never meant to be a part of the problem, and explored means of supporting himself without partaking in the cyclical plague of drugs and prostitution. A gifted writer who stood out amongst his peers with his reserved wit and command of language, Freddie began to rap about the things he saw.

As word of his skills spread to the coasts, he aligned himself with notable producers like The Alchemist, Red Spyda, Just Blaze, and Buckwild to create a discography that illustrates his experiences as a struggling denizen of a blighted community. In 2010, XXL Magazine caught wind of Freddie’s unique approach and nominated Gibbs to their Freshman Top 10. Subsequently, Freddie Gibbs’ previous mixtapes, which capture the forsaken instrumental aesthetic of 90’s boom-bap and juxtapose it with his distinctly Midwestern double-time flow, began to garner widespread critical acclaim and industry attention.

The rapper also endeavored to expand his musical horizons by teaming up with UK dubsteb producer Joker on a remix of the track “The Vision” and with New York indie-noise-pop duo Cults on a reworking of their track “Bad Things.” His willingness to both function in the world of gangster rap and to step outside the strict confines of hip hop to form unexpected collaborations with artists from a broad musical spectrum highlights a truly versatile musician

Address: 1807 S Allport St, Chicago
Freddie Gibbs "Shadow of a Doubt" Tour

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