December 30, 2016 at The Runaways Lab Theater in Chicago.


Submit your script to the most radical short play festival in Chicago.

The Runaways Lab Theatre is accepting play submissions for 2017’s Doing Drugs And Dying In Space Short Play Festival, slated to go up late summer 2017.

The rules for submission are as follows:
1. The play must involve characters on or offstage engaging with mind altering substances
2. The play must involve characters dying in space (ie: on the space station, on another planet, floating in the void; anywhere but Earth)
3. The play must be at longest 10 pages long.
For thematic reference, please consult:

Submissions will be accepted until January 13th. Please refer all play submissions, questions to Gannon Reedy at

Address: Logan Square, Chicago
Submit to The Doing Drugs And Dying In Space Ritual 2017

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