February 28, 2017 at Logan Bar and Grill in Chicago.


Tired of trivia nights populated by brilliant murderous gorillas, possible robots, and that annoying guy who refers to himself as “Quiz Master Zero?”

Don’t you wish there could be a trivia game show for everybody? The reason everybody loves Mario Kart is because everybody has an equal chance of winning! You never know when you’re going to get that blue shell…

Introducing: RIDDLE ME THAT!

A game show team trivia challenge for everyone!

Trivia! Points! Physical Challenges! Music! Comedy! Drama! Big Prizes! Revenge! Intrigue!

Teams of 2-4 encouraged.
Tuesday @ 9PM
The Logan Bar & Grill
No Cover
First Prize – $75 Dollar Bar Tab!

Address: 2230 N California Ave, Chicago
Riddle Me That! - Trivia with Physical Challenges

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