December 23, 2016 at Wilson and Marine Dr. in Chicago.


In a remarkably cruel move, Rahm’s DFSS appointee Lisa Morrison Butler and Alderman James Cappleman seem to have decided to give the go ahead on another harassment sweep under the viaducts two days before Christmas and on the same day a homeless shelter down the street is slated to close. The biweekly sweeps entail DFSS workers, Streets and Sanitation workers, CPD scrutinizing the homeless on what items they’re allowed to keep. They throw people’s items away and make homeless people move around in the winter cold. The routine sweeps are financially wasteful and clearly a form of harassment. For it to be on the on same day the 941 W Lawrence Avenue shelter to close from a lack of state and city funds isn’t cruel enough. For it to be just a few yards away from where a 15.8 million tax dollar give away to a luxury developer isn’t even cruel enough. It has to be two days before Christmas. This isn’t a fictional movie, this is the city government of Chicago.

Come join homeless residents and community members to object these cruel forms of harassment. What better way to live the true spirit of the holidays than to take a stand for your homeless sisters and brothers while under attack. Join us!


Uptown Tent City, Northside Action for Justice, Gay Liberation Network

Not on the Holidays! Hands Off the Homeless! Rally and Protest

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