March 08, 2017 at Constellation Chicago in Chicago.


Ned Rothenberg, Hamid Drake and Joshua Abrams at Constellation

Hamid Drake and Ned Rothenberg celebrate the release of “Full Circle,” an album recorded live in Lodz, Poland, this past July and released by the Luchaj (Listen!) Foundation.

Hamid and Ned have known each other over 35 years, working together notably with Adam Rudolph, Kaja Draksler and Joe Morris, but this was their first duo concert.

For this Constellation performance they are inviting the wonderful Chicago musical denizen Joshua Abrams to join them on bass and guimbri. All are master improvisors drawing on a wide variety of world music traditions from Morocco, elsewhere in West Africa, India, Japan and more exotic locales like New York and Chicago (wink,wink…).

Ned Rothenberg – alto sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, shakuhachi
Hamid Drake – drums, percussion
Joshua Abrams – bass, guimbri

Rothenberg reconciles an unapologetically cerebral approach with accessibility and emotional expression. No mean feat, indeed.” – Peter Margarsak, Chicago Reader

Address: 3111 N Western Ave, Chicago
Ned Rothenberg, Hamid Drake and Joshua Abrams at Constellation

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