July 29, 2016 at Prak-sis Contemporary Art Association in Chicago.


In her most recent series, Crying Girl, Mihyun Yu balances the simplicity and efficacy of crying as a means of both expression and physical function. Yu emphasizes eyes because so much information is gathered and delievered through them. Seeing with one’s eyes is a simple, fast way to communicate; however, this communication can also be risky because seeing is the origin of so much negativity, such as prejudice or judgment. Conversely, though, the eyes are also pure and naïve because they can communicate immediate, unadulterated sentiment. This dichotomy between the eyes’ competing functions further reinforces her interest in and exaggeration of them.

Mihyun Yu is an animator, illustrator, and painter originally from Seoul, South Korea. She combines her education in animation and illustration with her interest in manga and painting to create collaged works that use the image of a crying girl to highlight the complexity of human emotions and tears.

Address: 16 W Ontario St 1st floor, Chicago
MIhyun Yu

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