March 28, 2017 at World Tree Healing in Chicago.


This is the first Lore Study meeting. We will go over our framework for approaching the lore and how the rest of these classes will be structured. After this first one, Lore Study will repeat indefinitely on the fourth Tuesday of every month. We will spend about 6 months on each region. We’re starting with Northern European lore b/c Eric can teach that while half asleep. After the April, 2018 class, we will discuss how the Lore Study group will evolve from there. Here’s the current syllabus, which is always subject to change:

March and April: How we will approach the Lore.
May through October: Germanic and Norse Lore
November 2017 through April 2018: Anglo-Saxon and Celtic Lore

The cost for this class is $20 per person, whether you purchase in advance or at the door. If you want to buy the study packets that Eric will put together for these classes, they will be $20 each. There will be one initial packet containing excerpts from books and essays we will us to frame our understanding of the lore; after that, each new section will have a packet, a book list, or both.

Address: 4533 N Kedzie, Chicago
Lore Study Group

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