January 08, 2017 at Logan Arcade in Chicago.


Just imagine. A world where you will hold your entire future in the palm of your hand. When a huge glowing machine will guide you through an existence where each day is more wonderful than the last. Where it will be possible for you to attain the fulfillment of every fantasy, the satisfaction of every vanity, the absolute attainment of every wish. Killer Queen Mercury Squad Chicago Presents a Killer Queen Tournament at Logan Arcade. The fantastic journey through a world beyond imagination. Welcome to the 21st Century. The perfect world of total pleasure. Imagine a world in which you need never be alone. You touch a switch, turn a ball, and the perfect hover steps into your arms. Every pleasure is yours to experience. There’s just…one…catch…

Killer Queen Arcade takes you into a new age of adventure, in the first 10 player arcade game. Teams of five face off in a competition where the good die young and the bad…well…let’s all go to the lobby, let’s all go to the lobby, let’s all go to the lobby, to get ourselves a treat. Delicious things to eat! The drink deals can’t be beat. The dollar off cans are just dandy, the chocolate bars and the candy. So let’s all go the lobbbbbyyyyyy to get ourselves a treat. Bum bum.

Come alone if you dare, or bring a whole team. If you need a team, just scream and someone will surely do something.

Rules and other coming attractions to follow…

If you’ll be coming to town early, join us at Happy Welcome on 1/7 to say hello, have a drink, and play some KQ.

Address: 2410 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago
KQ17: Graphic Violence

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