November 09, 2017 at Palmer House Hotel Chicago in Chicago.


Complete program:

Dr. van der Kolk’s programs:

Should Posttraumatic Stress Disorder be Classified as a Systemic Illness, Not a Mental Disorder? Implications for Clinical Practice
(McFarlane, Alexander, MD; van der Kolk, Bessel, MD; Vermetten, Eric, MD, PhD; Hoge, Charles, MD)

Alternative Approaches to Trauma Treatment: The Role of Creativity, Collaboration, and Self Paced Exposure in PTSD Interventions
(Yehuda, Rachel, PhD; Patton, Benjamin, MA; van der Kolk, Bessel, MD; Tuval-Mashiach, Rivka, PhD)
(Practice, Practice, Commun, Mil/Vets, Theory, Adult, Industrialized)

PTSD: Beyond Trauma: Screening and Discussion
(Reed, Patrick, MA; Brunet, Alain, PhD; Stolbach, Bradley, PhD; van der Kolk, Bessel, MD; Lanius, Ruth, MD, PhD)
(Multi-Media, Acute, Chronic, Journalism, N/A, Industrialized)

IL: ISTSS 33rd Meeting

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