March 31, 2017 at Chinese Christian Union Church in Chicago.


You are invited to Chinese Christian Union Church for a live musical perfomance from national recording artists, Only Won and Larissa Lam followed by a screening of the Award-winning documentary: “Finding Cleveland”. This short film follows Charles Chiu and his family on an emotional journey as they take a trip to Cleveland, Mississippi to visit the gravesite of Charles’ father, KC Lou. In less than 48 hours, Charles has many surprising encounters with the local townspeople, who help fill in some blanks about the father he never knew. He also learns of the Chinese Exclusion Act, a discriminatory law against Chinese immigrants and the struggles his father faced in a pre-civil rights era. Join us for a historical discussion and Q&A followed by a meet and greet.

Address: 2301 S Wentworth Ave, Chicago
Finding Cleveland Experience - Chicago 3/31/17

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