April 16, 2016 at Chicago International Movies and Music Festival (CIMMFest) in Chicago.


CIMMfest presents:

Facets Kids Program

Join in a musical adventure of animated and live-action short films from around the world–sock puppet back-up singers serenading BB King; an unlikely group of buddies make a perfect Rumba rhythm section for a sleepy bandleader. From R&B, jazz, blues, tango to Scottish jigs and more–these films will have your toes tapping.

Ormie / Canada / 4min.

Big Box Singsong John / Canada / 1min.

Electric Car / USA / 4min.

Log Jam: KFG No. 5 / Hungary / 2min.

Peter Pix – The Violin / Denmark / 1min.

The Squeakiest Roar / England / 4min.

The Music Box / USA / 3min.

One Shoe Blues / USA / 5min.

Donald / Germany / 6min.

Hopfrog / Russia / 5min.

Mobile / Germany / 7min.

The Ant and the Grasshopper / USA / 8min.

Adventures of Pim and Pom: “Dance Party” / Netherlands / 5min.

Tintico’s Afternoons / Mexico / 9min.

About CIMMfest:

CIMMfest is the Chicago International Movies & Music Festival taking place April 13-17, throughout Chicago and featuring over 200+ events of Premiere Films, Filmmaker & Artist Q&A’s, Live Concerts & Scores, Music Showcases, Parties / CIMMcon Industry Conference, Industry Panels, Workshops, Mixers and more!

For more info, full schedule & fest passes visit: cimmfest.org

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CIMMfest: Facets Kids Program at Logan Theatre

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