March 15, 2017 at pH Productions in Chicago.


Choose Your Own Apocalypse
Wednesdays 8 pm at pH Comedy Theater
Runs Feb 8th-April 12th
$10 General/ $5 Student (With valid ID)

This dark improvised comedy will have you ending the world week after week. In “Choose Your Own Apocalypse,” the audience holds the fate of the world in their hands. Watch as a group of pH’s finest take the stage by storm and explore the hypothetical armageddon. This show will have you laughing till the end.

Direction by Jon Yelton
Assistant to Director and Tech: Alex Collyard

Rotating Cast:
Gordy Andina
Kelsey Buckley
J Corey Buckner
Michael Carpenter
Michael Erickson
Sam Haynie
Jason Hodge
Matt Kidd
Brett Mannes
Aaron Moser
Elizabeth Olson
Jason Ouimette
Tawny Safieddine

Follow us on
Twitter & Instagram: @whatisph
Snapchat: phcomedytheater

Address: 1515 W Berwyn Ave, Chicago
Choose Your Own Apocalypse

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