Jazz Brunch with Elaine Dame

March 05, 2017 at Appellation Wine Bar & Restaurant in Chicago.


Join us for our next lively Jazz Brunch featuring nationally acclaimed recording artist, Elaine Dame and celebrated jazz guitarist, Mike Allemana. The hometown legend has been turning heads with her remarkable voice at over 300 national venues including New York City’s Rainbow Room and her headlining appearance at the 2015 Chicago Jazz Festival.

Address: 5212 N Clark St, Chicago
Jazz Brunch with Elaine Dame

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Corral / Cascader / The Goat Wizard / Social Que

March 17, 2017 at Quenchers Saloon in Chicago.



We are a band from Chicago.


Cascader are an instrumental trio from Chicago exploring prog rock in three minute increments.


The Goat Wizard is a five-piece progressive rock band from Appleton, Wisconsin blending a raw math rock and post hardcore sound with more traditional prog. After sketching out an EP of demos as a two-piece in 2015, the band filled out their roster and worked on the material that would become their debut album, The Anthromancer, which was released in October 2016.


A well formed diverse group of 3 individuals who have been playing for over a decade each have now clashed together to bring fresh new sound to the music industry.

Address: 2401 N Western Ave, Chicago
Corral / Cascader / The Goat Wizard / Social Que

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Dogs At Large / Electric Sheep / Bandy

April 18, 2017 at Emporium Arcade Bar Venue in Chicago.



Dogs At Large
“Sat somewhere between the 90’s, Punk, Garage and Rock n’ Roll, Chicago exports Dogs At Large have recently returned from an audio-fashion shoot with the above and defiantly proclaimed, ‘It’s Nothing I’d Wear’…a release that doesn’t really sit anywhere in the genre-base specifically, rather on the fringe on a self-made eclectic seat … It is indeed “radio friendly” but beneath that facade there’s a beating heart of grit that’s barely suppressed and it beckons you.”
-Musically Fresh

Electric Sheep
Electric Sheep are dual singer-songwriter fronted Psychedelic Pop from Chicago. Rooted in 60s pop songcraft, E-sheep often scale back to hooky groovy psych.

Grown out of the sludgy agar petri dish that is Chicago music, Bandy compiled in Summer 2016 to bring about revolutionary good times and sing about the vicissitudes of our many lives. Having performed previously with the late, great Bricklayers Foundation, Adam Cohen-Leadholm and Ross Howard have teamed up once again with some dear old friends to bring about an exciting new sound inspired by glam rock, psych-pop, post-punk, and R&B. Come share in the love!

Address: 1366 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago
Dogs At Large / Electric Sheep / Bandy

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From the Rio de la Plata to the Dnieper

March 11, 2017 at Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art in Chicago.


An evening of tangos from Uruguay, Argentina and Ukraine. Yes, Ukraine! Imagine our surprise! You’ll have to come see what that’s all about. 😉
Joining us will be guest pianist Mark Suddieth.
Stick around for a lovely reception following the concert!

$25 General/ $15 Student
Tickets available now at Brown Paper Tickets: http://bpt.me/2888528

Address: 2320 W Chicago Ave, Chicago
From the Rio de la Plata to the Dnieper

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Great Sky Band / Catfish & the Dogstars

April 13, 2017 at Emporium Arcade Bar Venue in Chicago.



Great Sky Band
Great Sky Band is the genesis of many years of playing and writing music in and around the Chicago area. The band has grown from the former Pistachio Brothers Band into a super group with a five piece lineup of seasoned musicians.

Catfish and the Dogstars
Formed during the early summer of 2011, Catfish & the Dogstars has quickly garnered a solid fan base and earned a great deal of acclaim gigging throughout the city of Chicago. With members hailing from different backgrounds, the group produces a uniquely blended sound of blues, funk, fusion, and roots music. The result is a high energy, raw and original experience. Catfish & the Dogstars is sure to bring together an assortment of unique sounds, palatable to fans from all walks of life.

Address: 1366 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago
Great Sky Band / Catfish & the Dogstars

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Back to the Grave: 100% Goth/Deathrock/PostPunk Party! 1April 17

April 01, 2017 at Bottom Lounge in Chicago.


…Making America GOTH again…

10pm – 2:45am 21+ $7.

BACK TO THE GRAVE is a club night devoted *entirely* to classic & current Goth, Deathrock & Post-Punk (no ebm at this particular event!) Expect great music, totally creepy decor, rowdy fun & a batcave vibe… Wear your fishnets torn, your hair big, your corsets tight & your makeup heavy! This is a party, after all!!!

If you’re one of the people who wish there was more actual GOTH played at the clubs in Chicago, I urge you not to miss this club night! Come out & tell your friends!

Your DJ hosts:
The Pirate Twins (Scary Lady Sarah & William Faith)
with DJ Dirt Nap (Matthew Binswanger)

Upstairs in the VOLCANO ROOM at Bottom Lounge,
1275 W. Lake St, Chicago

Back to the Grave is an American Gothic Productions event.


P.S. Just to reiterate: If you like goth, deathrock and/or post-punk music and want to have a night devoted *exclusively* to it and the subculture surrounding it, put on by people who do it out of their love for it, please show up & bring your friends. Thanks!!

Address: 1375 W Lake St, Chicago
Back to the Grave: 100% Goth/Deathrock/PostPunk Party! 1April 17

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Everyday Magic, Part Three: It’s Some Kind of Magic

March 11, 2017 at World Tree Healing in Chicago.


Lead a Magical Life! World Tree Healing practitioner and independent witch Laura Gonzalez is hosting a year-long series entitled “Everyday Magic.” Laura shares her unique blend of family traditions, Mexican folk magic, Pagan and Wiccan practice; and her personal experiences as a “witch for hire” in 12 classes designed to give you a firm grounding in the basics of witchcraft.

Classes will be held at World Tree Healing on the second Saturday of every month, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, beginning on January 14th and ending on December 9th. The length of each class may vary depending on the topic, with a minimum of 1.5 hours and maximum of 2.5 hours per class. All workshops in the Everyday Magic series are suitable for both beginners and experienced Pagans and Wiccans of all paths. Please note that the first class, “Working with Energy” is a required prerequisite for the series. If you cannot make it to the first class but want to take other classes in the series, please call the shop (773-273-9718) and make an alternative arrangement.

Because this is a class series, the payment structure will be different than our usual. To purchase classes on demand, it will be $40.00 per class in advance or $45.00 at the door.
You may also pay in advance and attend the entire series for $440.00! (That equals one free class, folks!) Space is limited, so please reserve your seat in advance. Tickets may be purchased through our online store (https://squareup.com/store/worldtreehealing) or by phone (773-273-9718).

1.- Working with Energy
2.- Power of the Mind.
3.- It’s Some Kind of Magic
4.- Correspondences
5.- Working with Crystals
6.- Working with Oils
7.- Working with Candles
8.- Working with Amulets, Mojo Bags and Talismans
9.- Working with Foreign Energies.
10.- Cleansings
11.- Healing
12.- Prosperity Magic

A natural-born Witch, Laura discovered her abilities at an early age (sometimes even scaring her school mates). In addition to her work as a natural psychic and Tarotologist, Laura also enjoys consulting the Spanish cards and various other oracles. Born in Mexico City, she is very familiar with Mexican folk magic and Pagan practices of her native land. A “Bruja” in tune with the cycles of nature and the magic within, she is always willing to help those in need. She’s also a co-editor of the e-zine “El Caldero” (Spanish) and the founder of “Boletin Pagano en Español” (Spanish) a meeting place on Facebook for the Spanish Pagan community; she also participated as a broadcaster for the Pagans Tonight Radio Network show on their Spanish version and currently hosts her own popular Spanish-English weekly podcast, Lunatic Mondays – Lunes Lunáticos. She’s presented various workshops for Chicago Pagan Pride (alongside Selena Fox) and for the “Ringing Anvil” community group. She has participated with Circle Sanctuary as a Speaker Presenter at Pagan Spirit Gathering 2015 (alongside Janet Farrar & Gavin Bone) and also at their Circle Sanctuary’s Samhain Festival 2015. Laura teaches Tarot in private sessions, and has taught English as a second language as a volunteer at a school for adults “Poder Learning Center” in Chicago.

Address: 4533 N Kedzie, Chicago
Everyday Magic, Part Three: It

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Wabakinoset at 2twenty2 Tavern

March 31, 2017 at 2Twenty2 Tavern in Chicago.


2 sets of Wabakinoset at 2twenty2 Tavern
222 S. Wabash Ave, Chicago IL 60604
No Cover

Wabakinoset is a Dance-Rock Quartet based in Denver, Colorado. Charles Elmer (Drums), George Demopoulos (Bass), Lucas Cozby (Keys), and Danny Chapa (Guitar) blend “four on the floor” and “drum and bass” rhythms in an improvisational style drawing influences from rock, jazz, and electronic music.


Address: 222 S. Wabash, Chicago
Wabakinoset at 2twenty2 Tavern

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Dida Pelled and Joel Paterson live and in collaboration

March 08, 2017 at The Whistler in Chicago.


Stars Align brings artists from across the city and the musical universe together for one-of-a-kind collaborations. Whether you’re into music or just need an excuse to get out on a Wednesday, it’s a unique chance to meet new artists and see them an a new light. From genre-breaking originals to reimagined classics, anything can happen when the Stars Align.

New York-based Israeli guitarist and vocalist Dida Pelled has a particular talent for storytelling. Whether it be a jazz standard, a scorching blues number, an old country ballad, or a heartfelt original “Dida sings in a voice sometimes playful, warm, resonant, no frills. She sings the words, giving them their meaning, their weight, with perfect diction and charm.” (Jazz Hot, France)

Joel Paterson is one of the most respected guitarists on the Windy City music scene. The blues/country/rockabilly/jazz guitar wizard has spent the last 10 years touring and recording with acts like Dave ‘Honey Boy’ Edwards, Wanda Jackson, Carl ‘Sonny’ Leyland, Jimmy Sutton’s Four Charms and Deke Dickerson. While Paterson can recreate the sound and feel of guitar greats, he can also nail the Chicago and delta blues and tear it up on a pedal steel. Plain and simple: this cat can play.

Dida and Joel will both be joined by Mikel Avery on drums and John Sutton on bass.

Address: 2421 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago
Dida Pelled and Joel Paterson live and in collaboration

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How to Be a Global Artist?

April 17, 2017 at SAIC Sullivan Galleries in Chicago.


As part of the Global Encountes Lunch please join us:
“How to Be a Global Artist?”
by Ainehi Edoro

Digital technology has redefined what community means. We have access to new and distant localities. Our actions and our work can have immediate impact in the world. Conventional forms of identity and space such as the nation and city are becoming obsolete. This talk is about how writers and artists can leverage this expanded, globalized community to find audiences that are diverse and dynamic.

Ainehi Edoro is an Assistant Professor of English at Marquette University. She holds a doctorate degree from Duke University. She is the founder and editor of the African literary site called Brittle Paper: An African Literary Experience.

Global Encounters Lunch @ SAIC
Global Encounters is a lunch-lecture series aimed at shedding light on ideas that transcend place and broadening and deepening our understandings of the world. Each lunch-lecture explores a specific topic from a global framework, highlighting specificity while acknowledging current trends. Come to eat, listen, and expand your world.

Address: 33 S State St., 7th floor, Chicago
How to Be a Global Artist?

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