April 01, 2017 at Urban Wellness in Chicago.


Feeling anxious or stressed at times is a normal part of life, but when it starts to interfere with your daily living and ability to work, maintain relationships or overall quality of life, it can feel unmanageable. Many people try to ignore these constant feelings, but that often makes it worse. Fortunately, anxiety doesn’t have to take over your life.
This 2.5 hour workshop can provide you with some basics to get you started on taking back your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and help you be more in control of your anxiety so it does not control you.
Main Goals for workshop participants:
Learn key terms, such as what is anxiety, OCD, phobia and panic
Learn 3 anxiety management techniques
Learn specific types of unhelpful thinking that can lead to anxiety

Address: 6601 N Avondale Ave Ste 101, Chicago
Calm Minds: Tools For Managing Anxiety

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